For the youngest

Staropolska Restaurant is a place where we understand the needs of families with children. Our staff will always laughs at the little guests. The decor of our rooms are for your kids as a journey through time that not only stimulates their imagination but also allows them to see live exhibits from the old Polish past.

To meet your requirements, we offer a variety of activities and facilities that are conducive to family feast:

  • special chairs for children,
  • bibs,

  • children's menu,
  • desserts and sweets,
  • wooden blocks and stuffed animals.

In the summer, we also provide terraces and a garden so that you can enjoy the delicious food and a homely atmosphere with family and friends outdoors. For our youngest customers in the garden we have built a sandbox filled with toys.

Concerning the health and comfort of kids in our restaurant is completely non-smoking (inside the rooms).